Welcome to Branch In Hand

Here to serve you

We are here to serve you, your family, and all the creatures and plants in your landscape, using accredited organic techniques and materials.
We provide organic garden and lawn care as well as design and installation services that keep you, your family and all the beings who alight there, healthy and safe. Our goal is to integrate your goals with nature’s systems. We strive to help create a planet where plants, humans and animals live in harmony.
We provide

·         Fine garden services delivered with an organic approach to create a place and sense of beauty.
·         Caring service with attention to fine details and of excellent quality and value.
·         Respect for our customers, our employees, all passersby, plants and animals.
·         Garden maintenance, lawn maintenance and garden design and installation.
We serve the Merrimack Valley and Northeastern Massachusetts. We work in the towns of Andover, Boxford, Carlisle, Haverhill, Groveland, Newburyport and others.

You Are Invited

We invite you to create a landscape that you can jump into.
We can help you make a soft and safe landing.
We believe that when we resonate with the teeming life that natural habitats provide, we open ourselves to the universe’s wide, open heart. 

Harmony With All Life

We want to help humans, plants and animals live in harmony. We can plan and tend gardens to help wildlife. Keeping a landscape free of toxic chemicals is important for wildlife. Providing food and habitat is a wonderful way to keep and enjoy wildlife in your landscape. Have you ever wondered how a bird keeps warm in the winter? One of the ways they keep warm is by eating lots of calories. Providing native berry shrubs and seed heads will help birds in the winter and all year round.
We think that plants are sentient beings. [https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-green-mind/201412/are-plants-entering-the-realm-the-sentient]  We hope that the humans who meander through their gardens and lawn will thank the plants that they visit.



We hope that those who have a garden will be able to see their own beauty reflected back by the garden. We work hard to keep the gardens shining with beauty. We realize that each of us has his or her own sense of beauty. We ask many questions of our clients to bring their definition of beauty to the surface in their gardens

Service Areas:

We serve the Towns of Andover, Boxford, Carlisle, Haverhill, Newburyport and other towns in the Merrimack Valley and northeastern Massachusetts.
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