Go Organic

When you choose organic garden and lawn care, you are choosing to do two great things- to keep you and your family safe, and to help the Earth. Every day we all make choices on how best to preserve ourselves and to serve the world. This is one way to benefit both!
Going Organic means we strive:
To work with natural systems. This is a co-creation between all of us.
To encourage and enhance the web of life, which includes soil microorganisms, plants, and animals. Each strand in the web is important! Building the ecological health of the property is another way to put this.
To make each property as much a closed loop system as possible with regard to organic matter and nutrient elements.
To avoid polluting and depleting the land, groundwater, and local water sources. This means you and your family are safe, too! Numerous studies show the negative impact on the health of people (particularly children), animals and ecosystems by pesticides and fertilizers used in the landscape.
To protect the biodiversity of the land, including protecting native plant and wildlife habitats.
To consider the ecological impacts of the materials and techniques used. Branch in Hand Garden Care uses the utmost care in the selection of the best quality materials. We strive to match the materials of a natural ecosystem as closely as possible.
Have you ever wanted to walk barefoot in the grass in your yard? Do your children like to roll and play in the grass? Are you concerned about the effects of pesticides on the birds, bees and other creatures that alight on your property? If so, Go Organic!

Organic FAQ's

1.Why should I consider an organic garden service? It just seems like more work that I don’t want to think about.
This is exactly the point! Hire us to think about it! We have made a science of tending gardens organically. It is more difficult, because organic insecticides need to be applied at very precise times. Fertilizers and soil amendments are best added at certain times, too. Pruning of shrubs and small trees is also best done at certain times. For everything there is a season...
2.What are the advantages of having an organically based property?
We think it is important for our landscapes to approximate Nature as much as possible. We want to work with Nature because her systems have proven over thousands of years to be healthy, beautiful and to provide us with the resources we need. Pesticides have been shown to affect animals and even plants in negative ways. For instance, cancer in humans may show up 20-30 years after exposure to a carcinogenic pesticide (from The NOFA Organic Lawn and Turf Handbook, p. 2). Studies have shown that fetuses and young children are particularly sensitive to the effects of pesticides (ibid). Pesticides also affect bees, mammals, birds and other animals that encounter them. If you are interested in learning about the effects of specific pesticides, go to www.pesticideinfo.org, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Pesticides Database
3.Why are the prices of maintaining organic lawns higher than conventional lawns?
At first, this is true; the price of maintaining an organic lawn is higher than maintaining a conventional lawn. For instance, if a soils test shows the soil is low in organic matter, then an addition of organic matter is recommended. Also, compaction of the lawn may be an issue, so the lawn needs to be aerated and then overseeded. Overseeding may need to be done for a few years in a row for a lawn that has been neglected. It may take a few years for weed populations and preying insects to diminish
4.Why are the prices of Branch in Hand Garden Care fertilizers sometimes higher than other “organic” maintenance company fertilizers?
Branch in Hand Garden Care abides by the latest Massachusetts regulations governing additions of phosphorus to turf. We use non-GMO, often vegetable based, fertilizers. For instance, most soy based fertilizers are GMO. We try to avoid using fertilizers that are animal based and may have a strong odor. We do not combine organic and synthetic fertilizers.